Missing Axioms is a series of essays starting with outlines of the concepts: implicit value(s), explicit value(s), authenticity, imposter nihilism and the embodied dilemma.

These notions are then carried on a journey through various sources, the goal of which is to investigate the ethical implications of individual emanation of explicit and implicit value(s). The result casts dispersions on our commonly conceived notions of authenticity, culminating in the ultimately authentic creative act of death: martyrdom.


Missing Axioms I – Explicit and Implicit Value

Missing Axioms II – Beyond Nihilism

Missing Axioms III – The Martyr


Missing Axioms IV – The Passion of Socrates

Missing Axioms V – A City without Laws

Missing Axioms VI – Philosophy as Death


Missing Axioms VII – Explicit Euphoria

Missing Axioms VIII – Tokkōtai Temporality

Missing Axioms IX – Devotional Space


Missing Axioms X – Christ the Contemptible

Missing Axioms XI – The Afterglow West

Missing Axioms XII – Eternal Judgement


Missing Axioms XIII – Caves, All the Way Up

Missing Axioms XIV – The Cave of Sisyphus

Missing Axioms XV – Force Majeure

Missing Axioms is an experiment in getting something done. It has no long-term plan, simply a deadline. It might not be the best written, most coherent or inspiring but it is something. Which is infinitely better than nothing.

Fate only rewards those who show up.